Dear Friends,

The past year has certainly taught us about value and investment: Where do we invest our time and resources? What do we value? For many of us, our health and well-being has been a top priority, and we’ve refocused our time and resources towards these simple things: enjoying the world around us and finding peace in our daily lives. Here at The Wilderness Center, we are honored to provide our trails and the beauty of nature as a service to our community to improve your health… mentally, physically, and emotionally.

As we head into the season of giving, we want to offer you the returned peace of mind that comes from investing in something that serves our whole community. Your gift to TWC's Annual Campaign will go far: towards preserving and conserving precious land and habitat (over 3,000 acres); towards educating our community about the importance of conservation (reaching over 2,000 youngsters in our community and hundreds of families and adults); and towards keeping TWC open and free to the public… so that we may ALL enjoy the peace of mind offered by nature as well as the protection of biodiversity and habitat.

Take a second to think about how far your donation will go…. We hope it will bring you great comfort to know the difference you’ve made, and we graciously ask you to support your community by investing in our Annual Campaign. Watch your dollars go further towards Conservation, Education, and Community. Give yourself some peace of mind, on a piece of land.