Are you looking for a meaningful way to acknowledge one of life's special moments?  When you lose someone dear or when you want to celebrate a birth, anniversary, accomplishment or other occasion, a gift to The Wilderness Center's Tree of Life program honors that moment in an impactful way.  Each year, the proceeds from the Tree of Life gifts support a significant conservation project at TWC.  Often, these projects include planting trees in order to reforest old fields, provide wildlife habitat, and protect our natural waterways.  As they grow, the trees will add beauty to The Wilderness Center and will be enjoyed by thousands of people.  When you make a donation of $10 or more to the Tree of Life program, The Wilderness Center:  
  • Acknowledges the gift by sending you a letter and receipt. 
  • Notifies the designated recipient with a special letter explaining that the gift has been made.
  • Records each gift in the permanent Tree of Life register on display in the lobby of the Hart Interpretive Building at TWC.  Beginning in 2020, gifts will be recorded on our virtual donor wall with information on what projects were supported with Tree of Life gifts.
  • Recognizes each gift in the following month’s newsletter.

Thank you for choosing to donate to our Tree of Life program.  Please tell us about yourself, the donor.


Please be aware that in order to cover administrative costs of recording and archiving the gift, planting the sapling and covering postage charges, there is a minimum gift of $10 required.

We will send a personalized letter to whomever you designate as the "acknowledgee," but how should we contact you, the donor?

We will send a personalized to letter to someone you choose letting them know you made this donation.  This step is optional.  Who would you like an acknowledgee letter sent to? 


Billing Information

NOTE: Please only click the 'SUBMIT' button once. Your payment may take time to process.

NOTE: Please only click the 'SUBMIT' button once. Your payment may take time to process.

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